AEL Crystals are approved by NXP to supply the Crystal units to drive the NXP JN514x and JN516x Zigbee Chipsets. The parts are suitable for all applications including Smart Lighting Applications. AEL X32M000000S039 is the approved device for use with all NXP Zigbee chipsets. For specification details and commercial information please contact AEL Crystals.
SiTime the manufacturer of world leading MEMs timing devices has appointed AEL Crystals as a supplier of their broad range of timing products. The SiTime range offers the widest range of MEMs based timing devices available in the market today. The range includes parts in both the kHz and MHz frequency ranges with devices available in both drop in replacements for standard quartz oscillator packages as well as low cost SOT23 outlines. Oscillator, VCXO and TCXO devices are available with additional option such as Spread Spectrum and variable drive strengths also on offer. For more information on this exiting and innovative range of products please contact AEL Crystals.
Conflict Minerals Declaration
Although AEL Crystals Limited is not a US based publically traded company, and therefore not directly subject to this law, we are providing this link to our declaration to help our customers comply with their obligations within their supply chains.