Product Manufacturing and Supply

AEL utilize a network of carefully selected manufacturing sites in areas such as UK, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea China and USA enables us to offer a truly global sourcing for this type of component. This reduces the risk of interruptions in the supply for this high demand product type. We further enhance availability by implementing a comprehensive UK stocking policy.

We have developed long term relationships with all of our suppliers and have a long history of high quality and and trouble-free supply. Some of our manufacturing partners have been producing product for AEL for over 10 years. This enables us to confidently offer a proven track record of reliability, quality, consistency and repeatability from batch to batch

AEL Crystals Ltd. are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited supplier and currently manage a wide ranging portfolio of internationally recognized Blue-Chip customers.

Our Philosophy

Since 1991, AEL Crystals Ltd has developed as one of Europe’s leading vendors of frequency control components. Our success is based upon a foundation of solid engineering knowledge whilst also giving our customers a highly efficient total supply chain management service. No matter where you are located, whether you have R&D facilities in the UK or production in the Far East, you can be sure that AEL will always provide you with consistent quality and a reliable service at a globally competitive price.

Our products have gained universal recognition throughout the world, within applications as diverse as Set-Top Boxes, Security Products, Automotive Products and Mobile & Terrestrial Communications. We ship several million units per week to destinations ranging from Mexico to China. With the development of new many new and innovative products in the field of frequency control we are able to offer today’s electronic engineers the freedom to exploit a much greater degree of flexibility in the sphere of frequency generation.

We at AEL Crystals Ltd. have taken this opportunity to produce a definitive source of new information for your reference.